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FLAVOR: Lemongrass, floral, white grape


BODY: Juicy



Coffee Background:

Djimmah is a coffee-producing region in the highlands west of Sidamo. Washed coffees from the area are traditionally called Limu, and unwashed coffees are called Djimmah. Coffees from the area are known for their herbal flavors and delicate, green tea aromas. By global standards, farms in Limu are small. But by Ethiopian standards, they are quite large„each farmer typically owns up to 2 hectares, which is nearly double the size of farms in other regions of Ethiopia. Farmers take advantage of the extra space and intercrop their coffees with vegetables that they sell at local markets.

Ethiopia-Single Origin Coffee

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Due to a new move we had changed our roasting location. We are only able to roast coffee on the weekends currently until we find a more efficient location. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your coffee orders. All Subscription order will still be sent as scheduled.