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Our Story

Why we want to deliver the freshest possible Coffee

Rubel Roasting started from the love  and joy from a cup of coffee. My father and I really loved exploring different types of coffees from different places all around the Bay Area. We started realizing that not every cup of coffee is the same. We became addicted to trying different coffees and their complex bodies of flavor. Once we started understanding coffee we wanted more. We wanted to control our flavor and always have the freshest and most flavorful cup of coffee or shot of espresso every day! This is when we started getting into at home roasting and we never looked back.

I had friends notice my love for coffee and ask where I got it from. I let them know I roasted at home with green coffee beans. They couldn't believe it. They said I should start selling it. I thought why have  I never thought of that before? I wanted everyone to experience what I experience every day and that is fresh coffee. That day I called my Dad and we bought a 1 kilo (2.2lb) coffee roaster and started our business. Our mission is to never allow any of our customers to drink old stale coffee ever again. Our motto is "Freshly Roasted, Just for You". We roast our coffee for you when you order it. We hope to change  your morning every day by starting it with the best coffee you have ever had!

-PJ Rubel